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This is a limited production usually released every year with the marking of an Ura or reverse label. If you observe the label, you can see the normal orientation of the Roman Kanji ロ万 are reversed. This product is full of playfulness from the brewers, the only product in the series which is a blend of other Roman sake. With every release the proportions and the identities of the sake used in the blend changes so Ura roman flavour profile changes and it is fun for Roman sake fans to try it. The brewery does not disclose any detail about the composition of the Ura roman.

This sake has pronounced aromas of honey dew melon, white peaches, and coconut-ice marshmallow. It opens on the palate with a fruit basket of apple, melon, pear and nectarine flavours with a smooth texture and medium weight body. The ending is clean with a great white pepper and tart apple acidity which gives it a medium dry feel.

  • Brewery: HANAIZUMI
  • Region: Fukushima
  • Classification: Junmai Ginjo
  • %ALC/VOL: 16%
  • Net Volume: 720ml; 1.8L
  • Rice: Gohyakumangoku, Yume no Kaori, Himenomochi
  • Rice Polishing Ratio: 60%
  • SMV: Undisclosed
  • Serve:  Cold
  • Matching Food: Rich flavoursome dishes, fried foods

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