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This is a very popular light sparkling sake which is produced annually in limited quantities. It has been designed as a low alcohol, light sparkling with medium-sweet fruity flavour and a crisp bubble which refreshes the palate. The fizz is fine and delicate, and the sake is suited to pre-dinner aperitivo sipping or when the palate needs a lift. Made from local Hanafubuki rice and embracing the white koji starter technique, which is the hall mark of this brewery, there is a sweet /sour vibe which hits just the right note. Serve chilled in a tulip shaped brio glass or similar for maximum impact.

    • Region: Aomori
    • Classification: Junmai Sparkling
    • %ALC/VOL: 7%
    • Net Volume: 500ml
    • Rice: Hanafubuki 
    • Rice Polishing Ratio: Koji rice 55%, Kake rice 60%
    • SMV: -37
    • Serve: Cold 
    • Matching Food: Aperitif | Soft Cheese | Fruits | Jamon

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