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Created on Iki Island in the Nagasaki Prefecture, this Shochu combines sweetness of rice malt with a rich barley flavour. This comes from the use of a production method unique to Iki that utilises one-part Jiuqu rice with two-parts barley, combined with Saké that has been aged in oak barrels and tanks. Distilled using the Honkaku Shochu single distillation method, Mugi Shochu Iki is a mellow tasting Shochu that is characterized by its wheat flavour and natural sweetness. Employing traditional methods in their production that have been used for over 500 years, Iki Shochu has been recognized by the World Trade Organisation with an authentic origin certification, which means only Shochu made in Iki Island can be referred to as “Iki Shochu”. Iki Shochu is one of the few liquor products in the world to receive this accolade.

  • Brewery: GENKAI
  • Region: Iki
  • Classification: Shochu
  • %ALC/VOL: 25%
  • Net Volume: 110ml; 720ml; 1.8L
  • Serve: On the rocks
  • Matching Food: -

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