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A medium lemon colour in the glass. Striking aromas of candied and dried fruit, apricots, raisin, parmesan, and roasted almonds. The palate has a delicious intense sweetness which opens in layers to broaden and end with an umami rich beef consommé sprinkled with white pepper. A completely unique package with great complexity and flexibility with food. This sake was produced in the 2018 brewing year and released as an unpasteurised namazake in 2022. It was made using a traditional Yamahai starter technique and a four-stage preparation to build up the main ferment tank known as Yon Dan Shikomi.

Store this sake in refrigerated conditions as it is unpasteurised.

  • Brewery: NAKASHIMA
  • Region: Gifu
  • Classification: Honjozo Yamahai Muroka Nama Genshu
  • ALC/VOL: 19%
  • Net Volume: 720ml
  • Rice: Hida Homare & Asahi No Yume
  • Rice Polishing Ratio: 70%
  • SMV: -10
  • Serve: Cold | On The Rocks | Mix with Ginger Ale
  • Matching Food: Blue Cheese & Comte | Thai Stir-fry | Chinese Cuisine

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