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  • Azuki (red bean) is a traditional ingredient in Japanese pastry.

  • The deep taste is pursued in the liquor therefore the measurement must be careful, otherwise it could easily overpower the cocktail

  • Recommended Spirits: Vodka, Dark Rum, Whisky, Cognac, Aged Barley Shochu, Aged Brown Sugar Shochu, Aged Sweet Potato Shochu

  • Recommended Styles of Cocktail: Manhattan, Espresso Martini, Old Pal, Vieux Carre, Brandy Alexander, Old Fashioned

  • Recipe example:
    30ml Rye Whisky, 20ml Smoky Scotch Whisky,
    10ml Dover Azuki, 3 dashes Aromatic Bitters
    Stirred / Old Fashioned Glass

  • Brewery: DOVER
  • Region: Kanagawa
  • Classification: Tea Liqueur
  • Item Code:  1460:104804
  • %ALC/VOL: 25%
  • Net Volume: 700ml

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