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Made using the distinct Honkaku Shochu single distillation method, Tunachu is the ideal melding of food and drink. Made in consultation with Kaneko Sangyo Co., Ltd, a comprehensive fishery company, Genkai Distillery have created the perfect shochu to match any tuna dish. Over a century of experience has gone into the creation of this unique, bespoke Shochu. The pleasant wheat flavour complements but does not overwhelm the taste of the tuna, while the aroma is enhanced through the addition of carbonic acid, which in turn emphasises the flavour of the Shochu. Utilising traditional methods that have been tried and tested for over 500 years, Genkai Distillery has been recognised by the World Trade Organization with an authentic origin certification, which means only Shochu made in Iki Island can be referred to as “Iki Shochu”.

  • Brewery: GENKAI
  • Region: Iki
  • Classification: Shochu
  • %ALC/VOL: 25%
  • Net Volume: 720ml
  • Serve: On the rocks
  • Matching Food: Tuna, fatty fish

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