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Muskmelon X Doburoku, the second limited edition release from the fruit craft sake range made by the innovative Lagoon brewery and a nod to founder Yosuke Tanaka’s original hometown of Oami Shirasato City in Chiba Prefecture. A muskmelon variety known as Aquamelon from Chiba prefecture was added to a fermentation of Koshihikari rice (also from Chiba). The Aquamelon fruit are prized for their rich flavour and sweetness and are grown to be sold primarily in Tokyo. To command a high price a net pattern is desirable on the melon’s outer skin and if that is not perfect the fruit are thought inferior. It is these “discard” fruit that were chosen to make this batch in the Lagoon Brewery tanks.

Yosuke Tanaka used Koshihikari rice polished to 80% of its original grain size for the main fermentation but insisted on using Niigata Gohyakumangoku Rice at 70% polishing rate for the koji rice component. Koshihikari is a delicious table rice but is more difficult to make koji with. The blended Aquamelon was added into the fermenting sake and composes between 15-20% of the final volume. What results is a zesty, creamy melon flavoured doburoku which has enticing aromas of melon and a definite adult alcoholic ending. The rice grains in this drink melt away giving it a luxurious rich mouth feel. Its super refreshing poured over ice or sipped alongside raw parma ham. Unique and special and stock is limited.

  • Classification: Craft Sake/Fruit Doburoku
  • % ALC/VOL: 13%
  • Net Volume: 720ml
  • RiceKoshihikari/Gohyakumangoku
  • Rice Polishing Ratio: 80%
  • SMV: N/A
  • Serve: Cold
  • Matching Food: Raw Parma Ham, Potato Salad, Cold Cuts, Aperitivo over ice

      Heigo Australia is Australia's official importer and distributor of Lagoon Sake.

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