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This is a unique craft sake made from 100% white koji and a high temperature fermentation starter technique called Kuon Tōka Moto. When sake is made with ONLY rice koji, a large amount of rice starch is converted to sugar but in this case, the white koji used also produces large amounts of citric acidity that balances the sweetness from the rice. The koji is made from Takane Nishiki rice that has first been polished to 48% (which is the required polishing rate for a Daiginjo grade of sake).

This crystal clear sake has aromas of grapes and green apple, and the flavours are of sherbet powder, grape and some orange pith bitterness. The feeling is a sweet / sour profile which is refreshing and an easy drinking style. The brewer called this San-Sun-Sake because in Japanese ‘San’ means acidity and his vision was someone drinking sake in the sun enjoying the refreshing acidity, we think that’s perfect for the Australian climate.

  • Classification: Craft Sake/100% koji
  • %ALC/VOL: 15.5%
  • Net Volume: 720ml
  • RiceTakane Nishiki
  • Rice Polishing Ratio: 48%
  • SMV: -19
  • Serve: Cold

    Matching Food: Aperitif, Soft Cheese, Seafood, Fish

      Heigo Australia is Australia's official importer and distributor of Lagoon Sake.

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