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Heigo Australia is the official importer and distributor of IWA 5 in Australia.

Bottled 2022, Australian Release January 2024

Sophisticated, bodied yet weightless, with great dynamics. Assemblage 4 gracefully unfolds in a seamless array of sensations.

As the sake breathes in the glass, time pauses for the emergence of marzipan and lotus root. While intensifying, the initial aromas are completed by vibrant marine undertones, followed by coconut and darker tones of hazelnut and shiitake.
A profound flourish of violets is a surprising conclusion.

In total coherence with the nose, the palate embarks on a ride of fluid transitions. It dances through an airy softness, a playful fusion of fruity, floral, and subtle maritime notes. This sophisticated dissolve reaches its crescendo through a lingering aftertaste, highlighting IWA’s signature of white and Sancho peppers.

Marzipan. Hazelnut. Coconut. Blue flower. Violet. Nori seaweed. White pepper. Sansho pepper. Shiitake. Mushroom. Bay leaf. Fennel. Citrus zest. A refined bitterness of orange wine. Vermouth. Underripe apricot and cherry. Soy sauce. Licorice. A light touch of wood. Blueberry. Blackcurrant. Blackberry.

  • Brewery: Shiraiwa
  • Classification Junmai Daiginjo
  • %AlcVol 15%
  • Net Volume:  720ml
  • Rice: Yamada Nishiki, Omachi, Gohyakumangoku
  • Rice Polishing Ratio: 35%
  • Food Pairing: All Cuisines

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Lower temperatures. Reishu. 冷酒

From 1-2°C and above
Definitely tightens the Sake up. Starting from 1°/2° and above is a subtle play of textures, with an element of gentle soft fruitiness – stone fruit, cherry.

Higher temperatures. Kanzake. 燗酒

35-37°C Hitohadakan 人肌燗
Sensuous. Immaterial and fluffy, gets back together through the aftertaste. Candied almonds.

45°C Jokan 上燗
Amazingly soft. The viscosity and silky texture are fusional. Mint, aniseed, camphor.

55°C Tobikirikan 飛び切り燗
A glorified character of rice. Rounded, thicker and grainy. White pepper.


Matching Food

IWA 5 has an intriguing capacity to pair with a great array of foods: the Sake has sort of an inherent versatility to consistently, ingeniously adjust itself right to the level of the food, sensibly, from the delicate to the robust, from light to dark flavors. IWA 5 can pair successive dishes throughout one single meal.


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