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With over a century of brewing expertise, Umenoyado Brewery offers yet another example of why the Nara Prefecture of Japan is known as the “Birthplace of Refined Saké”. This Junmai Ginjo has a good balance of freshness, sharpness and acidity on the palate with a dry and clean finish. This results in a light, refreshing taste that is a good complement to more flavourful meals such as tempura prawn or beef shabu shabu and it can be consumed either chilled or at room temperature.

  • Brewery: UMENOYADO
  • Region: Nara
  • Classification: Junmai Ginjo
  • %ALC/VOL: 16%
  • Net Volume: 720ml; 1.8L
  • Rice: Yamadanishiki
  • Rice Polishing Ratio: 60%
  • SMV (Sake Meter Value): +1.6
  • Serve: Cold | Chilled | Room Temperature
  • Matching Food: Seafood Tempura | Beef (Shabu shabu)

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